Preferred Payments works with the Wine
Industry across the U.S. –

Preferred Payments works with the Wine Industry across the US. From Wine Associations and small tasting rooms to large vineyards, we provide merchant services for wineries that help to lower costs while adding value by using equipment and customized solutions that are specific to the wine industry. Preferred Payments offers a single source solution for:  
  • Wineries
  • Tasting rooms
  • Wine Festivals and Events
  • Vineyards
  • All of the above

Whether it’s accepting EMV chip cards in the tasting room or setting up recurring billing for your wine club, we have a simple, low cost solution that can help you manage both your business and customers with ease and simplicity.

Preferred Payments is well versed in the Wine Industry, speak to one of our experts so we can learn more about what you need.

Consolidated system to manage in store sales, wine club, and e-commerce. Integrate all aspects of your business with our simplified solution, including your retail sales in the tasting room, your recurring billing for your wine club and your online sales. Manage your inventory and customers across all aspects of your business.


Preferred PaymentsOffers

  • POS with Wine Based Software.
  • Standalone EMV chip card terminal.
  • Mobile EMV Solution.
  • EMV Smart Phone Device.
  • Connectivity through dial up, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or a 3G network.

EMV Mobile Solutions for
Wine Festivals, Events,& Tasting Rooms:

  • With the new EMV chip card mandate, more businesses are in need of a mobile EMV solution.
  • Don’t let the price fool you, we offer low budget EMV mobile solutions that you can take to your wine festivals or accept payments around your vineyard.
  • Not only does this simplify the process for your customers but it enables you to accept EMV chip cards (or any sort of payment) on the go, at any time.

In Need of a New POS System?

Our POS systems were designed to make managing your business easier with these features:

Manage All Aspects
of Your Business



Wine Club

Back Office

Online Store /



Loyalty &


We understand wineries have many different angles to their business, and managing all aspects
can be a challenge if you are not set up with the right POS system.

Just Want to Lower Your Costs with
Your Existing POS System?

Keep Your
Existing POS

If you are already set up with an existing system that you love, we don’t want to take you away from that, but we do want to help lower your cost.

Lower Your

Keep everything you have, just have us lower your processing rates.


We do not charge to integrate, we keep you on the same system, no cost to you.

In Need of Continuous Personalized Service and Support?

Preferred Payments has worked with the wine industry for years – we have a specific team that solely focuses and works with wineries footimg.

  • One specific representative for the life of
    your account.

  • We understand many wineries busiest times
    are on the weekends. We offer our support
    and service 24/7/365, all U.S. based.

  • We believe in accountability with no hold
    times and quick, agile support.

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