Payment Processing
Reporting Tools & Analytics

Run your business efficiently with centralized access to all your information. Preferred Payments offers our payment processing reporting tools and analytics tool to all of our clients, whether you are running a retail shop or an online business, all your insights will be in one place that you can access from anywhere, at any time.

  • Access all your transaction information in real time
  • View batches, settlements, credits & debits
  • View reports by year, month, week & day
  • Search by card type, batch #, or approval code
  • Chargeback & Retrieval Management
  • Track your deposits and see when they land in your bank account
  • View AVS matches, keyed vs swiped, and declines
  • View your rates, fees, and month end statements

Consolidated Reporting

Regardless of how or where the transaction takes place – you know that all your
data and reports will be easily accessible, anytime.

Tips and Tricks!

Use our reporting tool to keep track of batches, settlements, and daily deposits. View retrieval requests immediately so that you reduce chargebacks. Access up to 12 months of your merchant statements in our reporting tool.

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