Nightclubs & Bars

Preferred Payments is very familiar with the Nightlife Industry, we understand the importance of a reliable, fast pace POS system, and we also understand the importance of unlimited customer service and technical support that is available 24/7.

Whether you are looking for a new POS system, or are interested in lowering your rate and gaining personal service Preferred Payments is here to support you.

After working with the Nightlife Industry and hearing what our customers felt was most important, we made sure that what we offered delivered what they needed when looking for a payment processor and POS system.


Custom Features of Nightclub POS System?

Our POS systems were designed to make managing your
nightclub & bars easier with these features:

Speed & Reliability

Unlimited Support

Customized Reporting

Inventory Management

Pay at the Table

Pre-Auth & Transfer Tabs

Detailed CRM

Cloud Based Back Office

If you are a member of the Nightlife and Club Industry

to learn about corporate discount rates and benefits


Payment Processing Solutions designed for Nightclubs & Bars

If you are currently using a system you love, we don’t want to take you away from that. Instead, we want to keep you with that system and add value through payment processing. We offer our free rate review which includes a detailed analysis specific to the Nightlife Industry. This is a great way to find out how you are currently priced, and what Preferred Payments can save you monthly and annually.


How Will The New EMV Chip Card
Mandate Effect The Nightlife Industry?

What You Should Know about EMV

  • The mandate effects all card present transactions
  • Nightclubs, Bars and Restaurants have been greatly affected due to the card present environment
  • If anyone disputes a transaction and you do not have a chip compliant terminal, you will automatically lose the dispute, regardless of if the card was lost or stolen
  • With EMV, Chip cards will have either a Chip and Signature or Chip and Pin, this is decided by the issuing bank and is not in your control
  • If it is Chip and Pin, the transaction will be very similar to a pin debit transaction, the customer will be required to insert their card and enter a pin number
  • Because the customer has to enter a pin number, the transaction process needs to be in front of the customer, also known as pay-at-the-table
  • If you do not have the proper EMV equipment, the customer will not be able to use their credit card to pay

How Preferred Paymentscan help

  • We offer a variety of EMV chip card hardware solutions, including countertop touchscreen terminals, POS systems, and mobile devices
  • The mobile devices can either connect to a smart phone, Ipad, or we have a standalone touchscreen terminal. Learn more (direct to Clover Mobile). They are completely wireless
  • All equipment syncs together, you can have multiple devices that all interact to track orders, transfer tabs, and manage inventory

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