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Our developer tools allow you to easily add
secure payment functionality to any application

More than an API

In Person

Allow your merchants to accept card present transactions, including EMV, Mag Stripe, Pin Debit, and contactless payments.

In App/Mobile

Our in app service enables your merchants to sell their services within a mobile application for both IOS and Android for a faster checkout


Allow your customers to key enter transactions through our gateway, with no additional transaction fee. No extra cost, and no extra steps.


Your customers will be able to seamlessly accept cards on their site, set security parameters, and have access to address verification.

Why Partner with
Preferred Payments

There are many things that make us different from an average service provider as Preferred Payments offers some of the most robust and top-notch solutions when it comes to payment gateways and online services.

Dedicated Support Manager

Revenue Share

Free Rate Review for your Clients

EMV Capable

We take security very seriously

Security is one of the most important aspects in an API system. At preferred payments, security and reliability is our utmost priority

Tokenization & P2P Encryption

Your data is protected to the highest level possible and stored in our secure, off-site vault. Precious information is never stored on your system, keeping you protected and compliant.

PCI Compliance

Integrate with Preferred Payment’s PCI Compliant Gateway. Our solution keeps both you and your clients out of scope so you don’t have to certify for compliance.

Risk of Theft

You're vulnerable to internal or external fraud.

Data Breach Costs

Fines can cost up to $90 per compromised card.

Violation of PCI

You risk merchant account loss for non-compliance.

Speak with a Developer

Every merchant receives a dedicated accounted representative.

For Your

After you’ve done all the hard work and taken the time to certify to our credit card processing API, the last thing we want is an unhappy customer of yours. It is our job to enhance your customer’s experience and as a partner we will go above and beyond to make sure your customers are overly pleased with our support and services they received with Preferred Payments. We understand we are a direct reflection of our partner, and it is important to Preferred Payment’s that we earn the business of your customer as well.

Added Functionality

Recurring Billing & Account Updater

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

EMV & NFC / Contactless Solutions

Gift Cards & Loyalty Programs

Lower Rates & Interchange Optimization

Shopping Cart Integration

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