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The power of interchange plus pricing is far superior than most businesses realize. It allows for hundreds of dollars in savings when compared to the standard flat rate or tiered pricing model. Although Interchange Plus is known to not give you an “exact” percentage, the real advantage lies within the recipient of true cost directly from the card brands. If you see the words Mid-Qualified or Non-Qualified on your statement your more than likely not on a true interchange pass through pricing structure.


Credit card processing rates set by the card brands and issuing banks. These rates are unavoidable and the same for every business.


A fixed low markup consisting of a small percentage and an authorization fee

Preferred Payments utilizes Interchange Plus Pricing, also known as “pass thru pricing”. Why? Because it is by far the most advantageous pricing model. This pricing model ensures competitive, transparent pricing, and allows the business to see the true cost from the card brands. All large companies use this pricing for a reason.

The card bands (Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express) charge a specific rate for every card out there, there is no way to avoid this cost for any business. This is called Interchange. We pass the true cost directly to you with a small, transparent markup.

What is the difference between a
Flat Rate and Interchange Plus Pricing?

Flat rate processing can be an illusion, it is simple which is where the attraction lies, but in reality it is an expensive, misleading pricing model that conceals the true cost. Often time’s merchant service providers will show you an appealing flat rate, only to “downgrade” or penalize you with a mid and non-qualified rates. Mid and non-qualified rates are designed to take advantage of the business by charging you more, sometimes for no reason at all. Flat rate pricing is not meant to be competitive, it is meant to be easy to understand, businesses often times choose flat rates because of the simple understanding of “one rate”. In reality they are severely overpaying for both credit cards and debit cards as well as card present and card not present transactions. Interchange plus is the best of both worlds, it allows for low rates, competitive pricing and transparency. There are no “mid” or “non-qualified” rates to worry about and regardless you will receive the exact cost from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Advantages of Interchange Plus

  • True cost from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express
  • Transparent and Competitive
  • Allows you to take advantage of low debit card cost
  • True cost whether you take cards in person or card not present
  • Same markup for both credit and debit
  • No mid or non-qualified rates
  • No additional authorization fee if the card is not present
  • Can receive over a 1% savings on B2B transactions

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