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3 Ways Ecommerce Merchants Can Boost Online Sales

3 Ways Ecommerce Merchants Can Boost Online Sales

If you are a small online retailer, then you know how difficult it is to compete with the larger, more well-known stores. In order to draw customers away from the thousands of other retailers, you must stand out from the rest. Here are 3 of the top ways for you to increase sales.

Offer a Choice of Payments

When it comes to payment options, the more that you offer the better. Here are some of the most important payment methods to offer customers:

  • e-Check – Electronic checks are simply the online version of traditional checks. These are great for customers who prefer to use a check as payment.
  • Credit and debit card – Regardless of the size of your company, it is essential to have the ability to process credit and debit cards if you are an online retailer. Cards are the most popular type of payment.
  • Digital Wallets – Examples of digital wallets include Apple Wallet, Google Pay and Paypal. Digital wallets are becoming a lot more popular as they are convenient and easy to use. Expect for the use of these payment types to increase significantly in the future. Stay ahead of the game by choosing a payment system that can accept these types of payments.

Offer a Money-Back Guarantee

A money-back guarantee is a powerful psychological tactic that gets potential customers to buy products. Many customers worry that they will not like a product that they purchase online. A money-back guarantee takes the risk out of making a purchase and provides potential customers with an incentive to buy. After all, if there is no risk to buying a product, why not buy?

Advertise the Right Way

It is important to use the right advertising strategies if you are a small online business. You probably want to keep your advertising budget low yet employ strategies that work.

Content Marketing – Many online retailers fail to use engaging content on their webpage. Make sure that your content is interesting and connects with your customers. Use a blog to create content that is smart and strategic. Here are some guidelines when it comes to blogging:

  • Customers enjoy learning new things so update your blog often.
  • Use blog posts to link to products or services on your website. The blog should direct traffic to your site.
  • Provide real customer stories on your website. Potential customers like to hear loyal customers rave about your product.

Video Content – Use YouTube and video content to help customers put a face to your brand. Videos are a great way to engage customers. They stand out in social media. When you hear of something going “viral” it is most often a video of something. Videos can be created at little cost. All that you really need is a smart phone and software that allows you to edit videos.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all free, yet powerful advertising tools. Create fun posts and other interesting content that will help your business engage with potential customers on social media.

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