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VeriFone VX 820

VeriFone VX 820

VeriFone VX 820

The Verifone VX 820 operates on the VX Evolution platform. This pin pad offers an integrated smart card reader for EMV transactions and built-in NFC (Apple Pay) compatibility. USB, serial and Ethernet connection options are also available. You can pair this devise with any VeriFone terminal for a complete consumer facing solution to accept Pin-debit. Deliver businesses marketing promotions and customized messages on this pin pad.


Terminal Connectivity – USB & Ethernet
Card Reader- EMV, MagStrip
Emv- Yes
Applepay- Yes
NFC- Yes
Color display- Yes (3.5” Touch screen)
Size- 6.81” x 3.43” x 1.38”
Weight- 10.9 oz

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