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NMI is a virtual terminal that integrates can integrate directly to a website or can be used as a virtual terminal to accept mail order or telephone orders. NMI also has a program called SWIPE that allows businesses to accept card present transactions by connecting the encrypted card reader to a computer. NMI is the perfect solution for any ecommerce business that wants to focus on reducing fraud and chargebacks while maintaining heighted security. NMI offers a variety of functionalities that help maintain a secure environment for accepting payments online. NMI allows you to set a monthly processing limit, send electronic invoices, build a customer vault, and detect fraud with their feature called Ispy Fraud. NMI integrates with many shopping carts so that your customers can buy directly off your website on a secure hosted page.

Swipe – Swipe allows you to accept card present transactions by swiping the card on an encrypted reader that connects to your computer. Swipe allows you to capture digital signatures and store them on your gateway to send your customers emailed receipts.
Ispy Fraud- Ispy fraud was created for businesses to monitor and manage fraud by setting filters, blocking suspicious activity, setting limits in dollar amounts for specific transactions. Ispy fraud is a great tool to reduce chargebacks and protect against fraud.
Customer Vault- The customer vault was designed to help securely manage customer’s information. Therefore this feature allows for reoccurring billing and processing transactions without transmitting the cardholders secured information.
NMI serves its purpose by reducing fraud, chargebacks, and enhances the security of any sensitive data.


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