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Merchant Services: How to Lower Your Chargeback Rates

Merchant Services: How to Lower Your Chargeback Rates

There are many companys that have gone out of business because their chargeback rates got out of hand. Knowing how to properly manage your chargeback fees can help save your business.

Letting your chargeback fees build up cause the rates to get higher. Many businesses ignore the chargeback fees which ends up putting their merchant account at risk. The best way to avoid having issues with the merchant services who are in charge of your accounts is to hire someone to manage your chargeback fees. Liz Parks article at nrf.com informs that there is a company called Chargeback Guru helps companys manage their chargeback fees as well as lower their chargeback rates.

Click here to learn more about how to lower your chargeback rates in the article by Liz Parks at nrf.com.

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