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Ingenico iWL 222

Ingenico iWL 222

Ingenico – iWL 222 Terminal

The Ingenico iWL 222 terminal is the smallest and lightest wireless payment device on the market. With a battery life of up to 650 transactions this pocket-sized terminal is designed for mobility in a retailor restaurant environment. Accept all types of payments including standard magnetic strip, EMV Chip and Pin, and even ApplePay and near field communication contactless payments via a local Bluetooth station. Maximize your business potential with the ability to accept payments at the table, anywhere in your store or even curbside.


Wired or Wireless – Wireless
Terminal Connectivity – Bluetooth
Card Reader- Smart card, Magnetic strip, Contactless
Emv- Yes
Applepay- Yes
NFC- Yes
Color display- No
Size- 5.90” x 3.07” x 1.73”
Weight- 10.05 oz


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