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The Importance of Personalizing Your eCommerce Site

The Importance of Personalizing Your eCommerce Site

Have you ever wondered why some ecommerce sites are more successful than others? According to  Marcel Boucher’s article on blogs.adobe.com, the more personal the buying experience is for the customer, the more likely they are to come back. In order to ensure the return of your customers, Marcel’s first suggestion is to know your customers. Once you have identified your customer, you can successfully personalize your ecommerce site accordingly. When personalizing your ecommerce site it is important to think about the experience that each page is giving your customers. For example the article talks about how stores thrive off of the lasting impressions that they provide for their customers. It is important to figure out a way to give your customers that same lasting impression on your ecommerce site.

Click here to read the full article by Marcel Boucher at blogs.adobe.com.

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