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EMV Software Annoys Many Americans

EMV Software Annoys Many Americans

It has been one year since EMV software was implemented as a requirement for credit card processing. While it is known to provide higher security for credit card transactions, many Americans are annoyed by chip cards.

Instead of swiping, chip cards require you to insert your card into the software. Inserting your card takes a lot longer to process than swiping does. Americans live a fast paced life style. Which is why it is such an inconvenience having to wait for the pos system to complete the transaction after the chip card is inserted.

Even though it takes a little bit longer than swiping, chip cards are extremely important for the security of credit cards. It is better to have to wait a few minutes with each transaction, than to have your credit card information stolen.

Emma Hinchliffe wrote an article on mashable.com about why Americans are so annoyed with chip cards, as well as why chip cards are so important. Click here to read Emma’s article.



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