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Credit Card Fraud: How To Avoid It

Credit Card Fraud: How To Avoid It

In today’s society barely anyone carries cash on them anymore. That is because of the convenience of credit cards. Almost everyone has either a credit or debit card to use when they make a purchase. Your credit card is your money supply, therefore if your credit card information gets stolen your money is now at risk. Taking the proper precautions to help you avoid credit card fraud will help to protect your every dollar.

There are a few practices that you can work into your daily routine that will help you prevent credit card fraud, according to an article on consumer.ftc.gov. First you want to make sure to shred expired credit cards rather than just throwing them away. Another suggestion made in the article is to keep all your receipts. It is important to keep track of all your transactions so that if a fraudulent charge is made on your card you will know right away that something is wrong.

Click here to read the full article at consumer.ftc.gov, and to get more tips on how to avoid credit card fraud.

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