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Big Commerce

Big Commerce


Upon diving into the world of online retail, you have to consider what you are looking for from your ecommerce site. Are you looking to track customer spending trends, design a fully customized web store, or simply use a standard template to get you products online quickly and easily? BigCommerce offers an ease to use solution for whatever functionality you are looking for. With many free and purchasable templates you can have your online store looking great and producing results in no time. If you want a little more control you can use a full HTML editor to customize at code level. Big commerce also provides an APP store which offers many additional add on and integrations such as QuickBooks, eBay, Google analytics and MailChimp. When it comes to the payment processing for the Plus Accounts, BigCommerce has done their best to provide integration with the leading payment gateways as well. There is an additional transaction fee of 1.5% if you are using the standard account. BigCommerce is a very robust fully cloud basted software that will work from any device with a solid internet connection. You will have the ability to track sales, inventory and have a wide variety of reporting features. If BigCommerce sounds like a good fit for you take advantage of the 15 day free trial offer with no credit card needed. We are sure you will be quite satisfied.


Target Industries – Online Retail
Star rating – 4
Pros – customer analytics, inventory management, ease of use
Cons – Customer service response time, custom template difficulty, transaction fee on standard plan

Price Hardware –
• Credit Card Swiper – starting at $50
Monthly Fee – (Standard) $29.95 (Plus) $79.95
Bundle Price – N/A
Free Trial- 15 Day (No Credit Card Required)
Contract – Month to Month or 1 year (10% savings)
IOS- Yes
Android- Yes
PC- Yes
Loyalty & Marketing Program – Yes
Gift cards – (Gift Certificates) Yes
Email Marketing – Yes
Email Receipts – Yes
Paper receipts – N/A
Customer Spending Analytics – Yes
Customer Service – Phone, Email, Chat Support
Shift Management – N/A
Time Clock – N/A
Integrated pay roll – N/A
Tip Line N/A
Cloud Based – Yes
Inventory management – Yes
Supplies low notifications – Yes
Quick books integration – Yes (additional fee)
Self check out – N/A
Reporting portal – Yes
Employee Log ins – N/A
Table Management – N/A
EMV – Spring 2015 (mobile device)
Apple Pay – N/A
Pin Debit – N/A
Website integration – Yes
Bar codes – N/A
Custom receipts – Yes
Multi Location – N/A
Tabs – N/A
Split Bills – N/A
Ipad Included N/A

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