Powerful Reporting

View detailed insights of your payment flow and dive even deeper into transaction data. Prizm unifies analytics from all card-present and card-not-present sales channels so you can manage all of your data from one place

Accesible Statistics

View crucial analytics at glance. Prizm displays the most common KPIs throughout your account without having to create one-off reports or conduct time consuming searches

  • Transaction Activity
  • Customer Behavior
  • Recurring Billing
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Sales Volume
  • Card Expirations

Quick Reports

Use Prizm's pre-defined quick reports to view and export common analytics with one click

  • Select custom time frames
  • Export in xls. or csv
  • Send reports to your team

Custom Reports

Create and save dynamic custom reports with as much data as you need

  • Refine and segment your data with filters
  • Schedule recurring exports to stay on top of accounting operations
  • Easily edit and duplicate custom reports when you need to team

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