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Ingenico ISMP Companion

Ingenico ISMP Companion

Ingenico iSMP Companion

If you thought that the iCMP wireless terminal was amazing, prepare to be amazed by the iSMP Companion. Standard features include Bluetooth connectivity to IOS, Windows and Android based mobile devices as well as the universal payment platform enabling magnetic strip, EMV, NFC and ApplePay transactions. What sets the iSMP Companion apart is the optional 1D & 2D barcode scanner. The days of large terminals with limited functionality, taking up valuable counter space are over with the birth of terminals like the handheld iSMP Companion.


Wireless – Yes (Bluetooth)
Terminal Connectivity – Bluetooth, USB
Barcode Scanner – Yes
Card Reader- EMV & Magstrip
EMV- Yes
ApplePay- Yes
NFC- Yes
Color display- No
Size- 5.19” x 2.83” x 1.10”
Weight- 7.54 oz


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