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Bridgepay Network Solutions payment gateway provides easy access to all major credit and debit processors, ACH companies, and Gift and Loyalty providers with one single integration. This gateway offers processor support, “point-point” security, PCI Compliance and addresses all POS EMV needs. PayGuardian is the newest solution by Bridgepay that offers merchants an EMV integration solution. MyBridgePay acts as the backend of Bridgepay that bolsters real-time reporting and virtual terminal functionality. The Bridgepay gateway offers P2PE, multi-tokenization, signature captures, recurring payments, check image store and more. Bridgepay offers a 24/7/365 U.S. Based Gateway Technical Support, gateway emulators and a number of API’s for your easy integration.

Set Up Fee: 35.00
Monthly Minimum: 10.00
Transaction Fee: .05 cents
Optional Services:
Tokenization: .05 cents per transaction





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