Online Payment Security: How to Ensure Safe Transactions

August 20, 2021 | Categories: Payment Processing
Online credit card transactions are convenient, but they can still be just as risky as offline transactions. Sensitive customer information is flowing through multiple systems during a transaction which could be intercepted if they are not up to date with PCI standards. These computers may not be sufficiently secure and could expose sensitive customer information […]
What is a POS System and How Does It Work?
June 7, 2021 | Categories: pos systems

A brick-and-mortar or retail business’ POS system is one of the most important parts of their company. Without it, it’s impossible for customers to pay for products or services.  But what is a POS system? Why do you need one? Find out more about the benefits of having a POS system and how they work […]

Becoming a PayFac vs. Partnering with a Processor [the pros & cons]
June 2, 2021 | Categories: credit card processing

More and more SaaS companies are beginning to add payment processing services to their product offerings. There are major benefits to this, as opposed to that of leaving it up to customers to connect their third-party merchant accounts. Integrated payments give platforms more control over their payment experience, are able to streamline the customer payment […]

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